Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Research In Motion /Apple Followup

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Apple has taken the spot light in the last few months first with the introduction of iPad and now the CMDA & 4G iPhone news. It's stock is hitting all-time highs. But lets go back to the Apple-RIM lows, specifically January 29, 2010. Apple hit $192.06 while RIMM hit $62.91 (closing prices) as of pre-market trading 3-29-10 $236.28 AAPL & $73.95 RIMM the gains have been 23.02% & 17.55% respectively. Don't forget Research In Motion reports Wednesday and should rally off a better than expected report. Below is a chart from the Jan 29 lows to March 29 close.
Research in Motion Likely to Beat Estimates >> READ

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