Wednesday, July 21, 2010

James Cramer XLF Observation

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James Cramer of CNBC's Mad Money made an interesting observation on JPM, BAC & the XLF etf Tuesday evening. Worth a listen.  Now Jim Cramer in the video looked at 2 specific time periods, Now...the returns can vary greatly, all depending on several possible key time frames. In the charts below we have a March 2009 low ~to date; as well as a 3 year period. If one goes back to the March 2003 low ~ to date period; the returns are as follows~~ JPM +75%, S&P +25%, XLF -30% & BAC -55%. The weighting of XLF JPM = 11.49% & BAC 10.47%.
Below are JPM, BAC, XLF & $SPX from the March '09 bottom & 3 years ago to present....interesting. *Itz Pix portfolio suggested bank stocks are JPM, C, & LNC.

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