Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Could Apple Hit $1,000?

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Morgan Stanley, Canaccord Genuity and Jefferies all coming out this week raising earnings and price targets on Apple. LINK

ITZ touted buying Apple back in November 2011 at $380 & $360 LINK

Then in late January 2012 again citing how Apple was a bargain that the valuation based on fundamentals was worth $700.... LINK

ITZ continues to be bullish on Apple with a $625 price target for for raising that target (which now appears conservative) let's see in several weeks. More than likely the numbers will rise as iPad sales report, the release of iPhone 5 and what now appears an iTV release by December.

Apple's earnings continue to amaze the market, cash per share approaching $125 per share. As long as this company continues to do no wrong... a $1,000 share price within 2 years is  now looking like reality.

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