Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Apple Reports Earnings In A Few Weeks

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Third Quarter Earnings: AAPL has confirmed that earnings will be announced 07/24/2012. With 41 analysts covering AAPL, the consensus EPS estimate is $10.34, and the high and low estimates are $12.51 and $9.10, respectively.
Greenlight Capital’s David Einhorn said he absolutely remains bullish on Apple shares and that the stock could eventually reach a valuation in excess of $1 trillion. Link
Additionally, analysts at Piper Jaffray Cos expect Apple to sell 4 million to 6 million still-to-be-released smaller iPad tablets in this year’s fourth-quarter holiday season.
 Einhorn: Apple is 'Very, Very Substantially Undervalued'

ITZ raised Apple's price target to $750 back on March 15th Link 
BUY calls on April 24th @ $559 Link  & May 17th @ $539 Link


itzstockchartz said...

Added 1/4 position $588 as alerted on Twitter http://bit.ly/ME9kWF
position trades have been 1/4 buy on 4/24/12 $559; 1/4 on 5/17/12 @ $539 & 7/23/12 @ $588

itzstockchartz said...

Well Apple missed earnings coming in at $9.32 versus estimates of $10.23. The iphone 4S sales just didn't meet expectations as the consumer awaits iPhone5. The stock decline 5% to the low $570s range.....

adding to Apple remaining 1/2 position @ $572. other entry levels were 1/4 @ $559 on 4/24; $539 on 5/17 & $588 on 7/23

Bottom line average cost basis $564.50

Note--- Q4 earnings estimate are $7.38 ... difinitely sandbag and lowballed...Last time Apple missed earning was pre 4S by 4% the stock fell 15%. Then the following quarter beat by 32% and the stock rallied 45%. Will it repeat? We shall see....