Sunday, December 2, 2012

ITZ Weekend Review 12-2-12

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The indexes have rallied since November 16th...but are now are levels that can either break higher or possibly test support retracing lower. The “fiscal cliff” of potential tax increases and spending cuts at the end of the year has kept companies cautious about spending and investing.

The Kumbaya...good feeling prior to Thanksgiving has now entered a stalemate level. With both sides drawing lines in the sand. Read

Once the fiscal cliff is addressed, investors will have greater confidence and certainty. Companies as well and will begin to spend.

ITZ added two more positions this week ... click here to see

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itzstockchartz said...

Apple has pulled back 25% retracement, ITZ is taking a 1/2 position in the April $650 Call LEAPS @ $19.75 STOP $18

itzstockchartz said...

Apple calls hit $20 Bid Stop as directed on Twitter..out with 25 cent for re-entry

itzstockchartz said...

Getting back in on call options @ $19.75...stop $18

itzstockchartz said...

Hold off on call option stop $18 this morning...follow on Twitter