Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Apple Trades Below $500

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Apple reports Q1 '13 earnings next week, company CFO guidance is for $52 billion revenue & $11.75 diluted earnings per share.
Q1 2012 were $46.3 revenue & $13.06 eps.
The street estimates are $54.4 billion  & $13.40 eps.

Phones sales have been reported to be strong, Q4 '11 Verizon had 4.2 million unit sales, currently they see 5.2M; AT&T 7.6M currently 8.1M a total increase of 13.6% from both companies.

ITZ believes Apple will beat the street number coming in closer to $14.00 earnings and $55 billion revenue.
What Apple’s Stock Price Says: Murphy LINK
Tom Demark, founder of Market Studies, says the Apple rally could be more than 20 percent.LINK

ITZ posted this chart 2 months ago 

A shift in Apple's growth rate means "tremendous turnover in the shareholder base," Sanford Bernstein's Tony Sacconaghi says.

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