Saturday, October 19, 2013

More Upside For Apple (AAPL)

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Apple's last 12 months have been challenging, shares have dramatically underperformed the market with the it's stock price falling from over $700 to under $400. Earnings in April showing the first year-over-year profit decline in more than a decade.

Carl Icahn revealed a major stake in Apple stock, a $100 billion buyback and dividend program has stabilized AAPL shares. Calling the stock a 'No Brainer'!

iTunes Radio: Launched at the end of September, iTunes Radio is a streaming option akin to Pandora.

Dueling iPhone Sales: It’s still early, but initial reports indicate that Apple made a mistake with its move to split pricing up into a cheaper iPhone 5C line and the iPhone 5S built in the typical way.

iPad Refresh:The company is planning to make those announcements during a Tuesday October 22nd event in San Francisco.  Apple Event Link

Global Growth: Apple continues to push forward with a mission to gets its iPhones on the world’s largest telecom — China Mobile.

The Next Big Thing: From wearables to an Apple flat screen television to other hardware or software that exists only in rumor on random AAPL blogs, it’s reasonable to expect Apple will finally show us something beyond its flagship iPhone and iPad lines. After all, Mac sales are pressured by the move to mobile just like PCs, and the iPod has become a redundant device in an age when just about anything can play digital music. Apple stock can’t afford over reliance on legacy products, so whatever else we see in the near future from Cupertino could be a tell as to how things will shake out in the product development queue for years to come.

27 STUNNING Apple Concept Products From The Future

Apple plans to announce its fourth fiscal quarter results immediately following the close of the stock market on October 28. Apple  revised guidance upward last month... Read

ITZ forecasts a Q413 earnings per share of $7.75 and revenue of $36 Billion. With a price target of $550 by Jan 2014 & a 12 month objective of  $650.

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Buffett sides with Apple against Icahn's call for buyback. LINK



itzstockchartz said...

Entered July 23, 2013 $400 current stop is set @ $500
Use 8-ema daily chart stop for 1/2 position & 21-ema for other 1/2

itzstockchartz said...

Sorry, forgot to post $AAPL exited 1/2 position last Friday hitting 8-ema @ $558.50 minus $400 cost basis for +$158.50 +39.6% & Today hitting 21-ema STOP $548.20 - 400 for +$148.20 or +37% gain

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China Mobile Deal Inked... looking to re-enter AAPL

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Targeting 50-ma $540 level to re-enter

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Suggest placing buy order for 1/4 position @ $540 on $AAPL

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Re-entering $AAPL $542.75 with 1/4 position

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50ma support giving way this morning... looking to add on decline, targeting 100ma as next support

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Add 2nd 1/4 position on open $553

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Look to add on earnings news selloff around $510